Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Arizona to Utah

It was a full day of driving...the road from Sedona to Flagstaff was an up and down climb with many miles of barren landscape.  After leaving Flagstaff we traveled for several hours across the reservation.  It is a harsh solitary life and then you turn a corner and your breath is taken away.  Monument Valley located on the Arizona - Utah border it amazing.  The Navajo Nation has many types of tours to immerse yourself in the beauty.

As we headed out of Monument Valley the terrain changed and the mountains has a green tint.  We passed the Mexican Hat and I am amazed at how Mother Earth has carved such a wide variety of sculptures.

We had to make a Walmart Stop to pick up some supplies...and since I haven't been able to find my ironing board/cutting table I bought this non slip ironing mat for less than $5 and then I saw this pack of 2 1/2 inch strips with a French theme...I thought it would make a great table runner for someone :)

We sprung a small leak in the grey water pipe of the kitchen sink...which means...no using the kitchen sink!  An RV is just like a home...stuff needs fixing and there is upkeep along the way.  We won't be able to use the sink until we get back and have it fixed so we are doing dishes in a bucket, lol and then dumping the bucket water down the bathroom sink :)  Flexibility is the number one requirement for the RV life!

Today we are going to do some exploring around Moab...
I'll keep you posted when I find the Quilt Shop