Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Back!

We had a great little break...just far enough from home to feel like a real vacation but not so far as to  be exhausting with the travel.  No TSA, no zero leg know what I mean!  The weather was perfection, the hiking beautiful and the hot springs relaxing.

HH (my Boy Scout) did most of the cooking

...the one meal I made...yes, you guessed it...I set off the smoke alarm.  I now believe that Enzo is going to hide if I get within 10 feet of the pots and pans!  I suspect in a prior life I might have been a princess and no cooking was required of me.

It was a Sue Spargo camp trip.  I brought along my Cuppa BOM and stitched away but unfortunately am unable to show off those blocks due to the BOM agreement.  I also was able to stitch down all the flowers on my Spring in Paris project which means from now on I get to do the fancy stitching!!!  Fun from here on out!


So glad to be home...I have lots to do the next 2 days because it is the Spring Fabric Stalker Retreat in Prineville.  Choices, choices and more choices...what should I take...what do I need to work on...and what do I WANT to work on...I keep changing my mind.  Tomorrow I'll show you what made the short list.  Have a great Monday and say hi to someone you don't know :)