Friday, April 1, 2016


I tell is hard to believe that Friday is already here, and on top of that it is April 1st!!!  How in the heck did that happen???  The weather has been beautiful in our neighborhood and it was really hard to do any stitching with the sun shining so wonderfully outside.  HH and I spent all morning cleaning off the front porch, watering and weeding the front flower beds.  That is so we could enjoy the evening happy hour of wine and cheese.  You can't beat life on the porch!!!

I can't remember if I reviewed this book but I finished it a couple of weeks ago and it is the Bookie Babes Book Club discussion this coming Monday.  What a thought provoking book!  Set on an island off Australia it is filled with the human pathos...I highly recommend it! I understand there will be a movie released in 2016 based on the book...I would suggest you read it before seeing the movie as this is the type of book that emotion may get lost in the cinema limitations.

I know that some of you may have seen a peek of the quilt I am displaying in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this summer on Instagram or Facebook.  I will show you the entire quilt when it has been quilted as I think it will be better to see it when it is totally finished.  When I started the quilt it was to be a 12 block quilt with setting blocks but because of display limitations at my house I decreased it by 1 row which meant 3 blocks would be eliminated from the quilt.  I decided since I had worked hard on hand stitching those 3 blocks I would make them into a table runner/wall hanging.  Yesterday I pieced and layered them.  I have them stitched in the ditch and will now figure out what I want to quilt in the setting triangles.  No use wasting good blocks!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and 
that it is filled with sunshine and a bit of stitching!!!