Thursday, April 28, 2016

Moving on....

Today we pack up and move on to Newport Beach where we will be attending my cousin's wedding on Friday.  I am the oldest cousin and she is the youngest...although it may be a toss up who is cuter, ROFLOL!  I'll share a photo in a future blog and you can kind...she is sensitive.

We are juggling 3 different publications so I hope that if you follow all 3 you will give us some grace.  The Quilt Show blog is only once a week so things get put on the back burner for that and the Quilt Roadies is more labor intensive for HH and so he is trying his hardest to push those out. But, it is all dependent on the WiFi...we are having so much fun with the videos.  Between that and the Woolie blog it seems like a whole lot of work but it isn't...we are having a fun time sharing :)

I love traveling by RV...having a rolling outhouse is a blessing!!!  One of the things I wanted to do is eat similarly to how we ate at home.  Neither HH or I can handle fast food.  Our aging digestive systems just don't want to deal with fast foods.  We have been figuring out what is easy to fix and enjoy.  Last nights meal was grilled chicken with salt, pepper and balsamic/olive oil followed by cauliflower rice, which is cauliflower which has been finely riced.  I stirred fired it with onions and garlic.  Yummy dinner!

One of my quilt shop visits was to the Temecula Quilt Co. and I nearly swooned when I entered.  It was like the Quilt Whisperer was speaking to me.  If you are a traditional quilter who loves reproduction fabrics this is the Holy Grail of Quilt Shops!!!  My purchases will be declared on the Quilt Roadies You Tube Channel at a future date.

Enjoy the slide show! And, if you see anything you must have you can contact Sheryl at Temecula Quilt Co. ...I know I left with a bag of loveliness :)

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