Monday, April 18, 2016

Honey, I'm Home!!!

I was was an EPIC weekend because I got to spend it with the Fabric of them.  This hasn't happened for years.  The Castle...that is what we call a house above the Prineville Reservoir all by it's lonesome.  I do have to admit that I did not stick to my "pre-declared retreat agenda."  If you remember I said I was going to hand stitch the first and last day while machine quilting the middle 3 days.  Well, that lasted a total of 1 hour! Hearing the hum of every one's machine made me throw in the towel and bring out my machine!!!!  oh sweetness the hum of my featherweight was music to my ears!  I suspect that I am not the only one who doesn't stick to a list.

These 2 Photos are views from the deck of the house

 Just a little history of the Fabric Stalkers...we have been friends and co-works since the early 90's and there have been FS's who have moved away...we miss them.  We go on a quilting retreat at least twice a year if not more. This photo is from 2002...boy were we young looking.  I am not in the photo because I was taking the photo :) we are 2016. I'm in the photo because 
now we have timers! LOL  Love these gals!  
All I can say is a quilt group can add richness to your life.

We were greeted by Mr. Winkie when we arrived and as I post photos of the retreat over the next day or so you will get to know him more and more.  At times, he was helpful but other times he complained...I think he loved Cakers the most.

Enjoy the slide show and I promise I'll post some Give Away photos tomorrow:)

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