Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fabric Stalker Retreat!!!

This is going to be an EPIC retreat!!!  The last few years schedules have made it hard for everyone to attend the retreats together...but, the stars aligned, the quilt gods spoke and everyone is able to make this retreat.  9 of a house that sleeps 24...I think we should fit, LOL.

It was challenging to decide what I wanted to take because when I opened my sewing room closet there was a lot of..."take me, take, I am older, take me!!!"  Decisions, decisions...and so here is the pile...and, I stand before you without shame and tell you who made the cut.  The Voice, American Idol, Survivor and Amazing Race is not as brutal as I was in my decision making!!

The Sewing Room made the cut because I still have the Snow Days hanging up because I don't have a quilt that will fit that hanger...MUST I can change the quilt out!

Spring in Paris made the cut because I finally have the flowers all tacked down and only the fun stuff is left...kinda like eating the cake and now I am ready to have all the frosting!

My 2016 Cuppa BOM has to go because I am behind...and I am bringing all my thread along anyway to work on Spring in Paris!

This project screamed the loudest because I finished all the hand stitching blocks on our camping trip in 2014...ugh...I would really love to be able to hang this one up in my entry this December...wouldn't that be awesome!

The 2015 Designer Mystery that Lori and I signed up for because I want to use that basket in the RV...good reason I think.

Although this project is not technically a UFO because I started it this year...there are a few reasons it made the cut.  I need the black case it is in for another project, the fabrics are fun...and, as all things in life...a little youthfulness makes the oldies feel younger!

And so, there you have it...Full Monday I will reveal what I got done and I think it will be time for another Buttermilk Basin Give Away.