Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Humpty Dumpty it's Wednesday!!!

Times is flying by and it seems to me that life is packed to it's fullest!  I have sooooo much on my agenda for the next month...what else is new?!  I have to get the SF Giants quilt friend's son's memorial quilt needs a binding...I have 4 more panels to sew for my DIL's footstool...I have to finish stitching 3 borders of my wool quilt that will be featured in the teacher's tent at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and I also have to finish a postcard for the Wish Upon A Card which is a fund raiser during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show...and, all this before I head out for the wild blue yonder at the end of April!!!  Oye Vey...Huston...we have a problem....

Yesterday I did get 4 panels sewn for my DIL's footstool...only 4 more to go.  And, I got mail!!!  I am always on the hunt for new wool and via Facebook I discovered a new option,  Handmade in the Hills.  I can only say this wool is yummy enough to eat!!!  I love the feel and the color of this hand dyed wool.   I decided to take a leap and order 5 different color and I am so pleased with what I received.  I know when I ordered there was free shipping if you ordered a certain amount.  I ordered, it was quick and I am happy!!!

My girlfriend Lori and I have been commiserating about how much we have on the back burner...but, today all I can say is I am putting one foot in front of the other...plugging away at the huge amount of projects I have.  Yesterday I went on my Pinterest site and deleted  a few items off my UFO, WIP and PIG board...but, I also added several items to that same board...sigh...welcome to my world.

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