Friday, March 25, 2016

A Miracle At The Stitchin' Post

YES!!!  Yesterday a miracle happened at the Stitchin' Post!!!  You ask...what, what what...well, I signed up for a 2 day class and walked out with 2 finished projects!  That has NEVER happened to me!  I have a room full of class projects that still need to be finished.  This class by Sheila Sinclair Snyder of License To Quilt was nothing but a great time.  The class was structured so that success was guaranteed.  2  classes each about 3+ hours long with homework to be completed in between.  It was so much fun to see the result of every one's home work.  And, we ALL walked away with a finished stool.  The good news is that she is coming back to Sisters in the Fall to teach again!!! So watch for the Fall class schedule.

The Stitchin' Post is going to be carrying her little 
Tuffet Pincushion Kits!  Adorable!

I was on a roll and decided I was going to make 2 since I would have the support of the instructor during my class.  I choose Jelly Rolls for both of them with a couple of added prints to mix.  This was a Little Black Dress Jelly Roll with a few French prints added.

I decided to give it a little bling with the button...OH LA LA!

For Emily's Tuffet I chose a Tula Pink Jelly Roll...I love it!!!  I ordered the feet from Amazon and chose a little danish flair for Em's.

you can't help but Smile when you look at this Tuffet!

I love taking classes...especially when I get the project done.  There is something wonderful about the support and camaraderie of learning something new in a great class!  A few days left to get in on the Give Away! Just click the link, leave a comment you are interested, be sure you are a registered follower of the blog...and please, check back and see if you won.  My life is too crazy busy to chase down winners :)  

Wouldn't this make a sweet Wool piece!