Friday, January 15, 2016

UFO Friday

I have to say I am not in love with HH because of being showered by jewels, cars or furs...(this has not happened)  I am in love with him because when he was getting his labs drawn yesterday he saw the roll of stickers for kids and told the phlebotomist...can I have some of wife is crazy for those guys!!!  Oh yeah...he had me at Bannnnana!!!

Which the sent me on a minion video binge.  If I need a good long belly laugh I only have to search out my buddies.  I really do needs some depends on when I watch some of these...I hope I can find one of these outfits for Enzo before next Halloween!!!!

Yesterday the 'ol nursing crew got together for lunch.  If you have had a baby or surgery in Central Oregon there is a good chance you ran into one of the angels.  There is something powerful about staying connected to the good parts of one's history.

One of the highlights was being able to sneak across the street to Material Girl quilt shop...
and, yes I did find something I had to have :)  
We were greeted by Lela who was dressed in her pink quilted jacket because it was snowing outside :)

This little Frenchie really wanted to kiss  Robin!

It is UFO Friday and that means it is Sashiko time!!!  I am not sure about you but for me it is easier to have a designated project for each challenge.  Then there is no time wasted on what to work on...
you just dive in and get 'er done!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!