Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Treats

I watched the Golden Globes this week and realized there were several movies that I had not seen on the nomination list.  Some, I have to admit I have no interest in seeing either because I just don't get the idea or they sounded to painful.  I had heard that The Martian was a good book but didn't have it on my read list and that the movie was said to be as entertaining as the book.  So, HH and I took a break from Netflix and gave it a shot.  I can say...I enjoyed it.  

Yesterday I was trying to get a couple of projects lying around the sewing room done.  Don't you think I found the perfect frame for my Buck.  I ironed the stitchery onto a piece of fusible batting and the frame insert.  I like the 'ol lodge feel of the piece.  I printed the pattern from the winter addition of the Simply Vintage Magazine.  It was supposed to be a craft paper project but I didn't see any reason I shouldn't use black wool!  I button hole stitched around the motif and I loved the look of the old music sheet fabric which has been living in my stash.

I now have finished my second UFO project for 2016!!!  I had the top of this adorable wool table runner pattern by Buttermilk Basin  all done and it was just stuffed into a drawer.  I decided to finish it up into a pillow for my church pew.  I love stitching and sometimes once that is done I get thrown off track and don't cross the finish line!  This year is my year to be a Triple Crown winner of UFO's!!!  Are you still hanging in is only the end of week 2...don't give up!!!

Treat yourself to some stitch time today!