Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thoughts for Tuesday

Can't imagine a day which is not filled with thoughts...but sometimes I get to the end of the day, fall into bed and wonder...did I get a thing done...did I have one profound thought?! LOL  Anyhoo, Monday proved to be a non stop day and I didn't take a relaxing breath until the Bookie Babes met at my house.  Nothing like a wonderful group of women gathering in one spot to bring peace and laughter to your soul.

In my running around I came upon a reminder about Wish Upon A Card !!!  I already know that my card this year is going to be in wool.  I am teaching a total of 4 days this Quilter's Affair, 2 days of wool classes and 2 days of Sit 'n Stitch!  I hope I get to see some of you!!!

you can click on the card and get a synopsis of what it is about.  I hope some of you will donate a postcard for this wonderful fund raiser!

I decided to talk a little about my major UFO for 2016...I want this one done!!!  I love it and it needs to be hanging in my house during the 2016 holiday season!

I finished all the hand stitching blocks during our camping trip to Bryce Canyon and Mt. Zion...but then it languished in a project box because the half square triangles scared me...so many of them...

Just like Gremlins they kept multiplying in my brain...so many of them!!!  Then I read the instructions and found out that if you used Triangles on a Roll it would be faster and more accurate.  So, I ordered some and it arrived this week!  Now to figure out how to use it!...have any of you used it and do you like it???

Our Bookie Babes met last night to discuss The Sixth Extinction which is a book that I chose...not every one's cup of tea but I found this wonderful 9 minute video that gives a nice synopsis and thought I would share it with those that are interested.  Have a great Tuesday... I am off to Woolies!!!


  1. Sounds like a thought provoking book Anna.

    Paulette also posted a picture of her pg blocks on Instagram yesterday! I've got some of those triangle papers but haven't tried them yet.

    I think pinning is an important step so your fabrics don't shift. Let me know how they work out.

  2. Don't make a whole bunch before you measure the resulting hsts. I made that mistake once and found I was off about 1/8" or less on each one. Not good. Otherwise they are a great way to make a bunch.

  3. Another thought, you can do a different block instead of the one in the pattern. The only constants are the size of the block and the corners!!

  4. Love that pattern, and seeing your blocks shows how nice it really is.


  5. Wow! thanks for sharing the video. Now I want to read the book.

  6. I've tried many many MANY methods for HSTs including the papers, special rulers, etc. My favorite is to cut squares 1" larger than the finished size I want, draw a line down the middle and sew in both sides of it. When you cut on the line there are 2 HSTs. I then trim them to square them down to size.

  7. Triangles on a roll are great. Just be careful to cut the strips the width of the paper and use tiny stitches. I made a queen size quilt using them and the corners everything came out perfect. Have a paper basket beside you when taking out the paper pieces. It helps to run a thumb nail along the seam to release the papers.

  8. I love triangle papers. I'm making this quilt too, and am using strips of fabric that I had, so they were not wide enough for Triangles on a Roll, so I used Thangles. Primitive Gatherings now has their own papers as well. Definitely pin and use a small stitch. It is simple and accurate - a win-win!!