Thursday, January 28, 2016


Yesterday was a low key day and boy did I need it...I was pooped.  One of the really wonderful things about living in a town of about 2,000 people and no traffic lights is that you can get around pretty darn easy.  I had a PT appointment to work on my back at 8 am and so I left the house at 7:55...such a blessing :).  I love this statement because it is the truth for all of us...we need those times when there is no must do's...leave the guilt behind and just be!

I am sure you noticed something different about the Woolie Blog...I decided to freshin' it up.  Google is in the process of making some internal changes that is shaking the blogging world up and although in the long run it might be beneficial to both Google and bloggers the process is somewhat painful.  Part of the process is in how people follow a blog.  If you have discovered that you are no longer a follower or signed into the Woolie blog, you can sign up again by creating a Google Account, no cost, no fear it is like setting up a Yahoo or Hotmail account.  Or you can click on the link to follow by email.  Easy Peasy :)  I have gone back and for on the blogging life but the bottom line is right now it is a win - win.  I love to write, I am creating a personal journal of sorts and the best part is having connected my quilting world with so many of your quilting worlds.  The friendships that have been built and the adventures I have been on are in part because of the blogging life.  As in the past on some travels I will switch to Instagram and Facebook as a means of sharing but I will still come back to the Woolie Blog which has been a wonderful adventure!  Thank you for following :)

It was such a beautiful day in the neighborhood that HH, Enzo and I walked to the Sisters Coffee Company, sat outside, soaked up the sun while we enjoy our coffee.

I finished my first block of the Buttermilk Basin 2016 Free BOM  This little guy was adorable!  Click on the photo to enlarge and see my fun stitching!!!  I am looking forward to a fun year hanging out with Stacy!

Today the Fabric Stalkers head out to Black Butte Ranch for a few days of quilt retreat.  4 of us can't make the retreat but Robin and I are going out for a day of stitching today.  Just a little taste of what we will be missing :(  It is countdown to our Quilt Cruise and I have to be packed by Saturday although we don't leave until Wednesday because HH and I are going up to a Hot Springs to celebrate his birthday...this being organized and packed a week before the trip is soooo foreign to me.  I usually am taking some dirty clothes with the intent of doing laundry on the other end, lol.  All I care about is that I have enough stitching to keep me out of trouble on the flight :)

Have a great Thursday 
and, may the stitching angels be a part of your day!