Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Je Suis Paris

It's done!!!

I can't tell you how proud I am of myself :)  You understand the feeling...like when you have a labor intensive quilt you are stitching and you finally take that last stitch.  We all influence each other with our creations and about 3 years ago I followed step by step while Sakae labored through this beautiful cross stitch.  She is an amazing stitcher and I decided to emailed her and found that the pattern is from Jardin Prive in France.  I ordered one and knew someday this would be hanging in my home :) Yesterday, I dropped it off with Myrna at the High Desert Framework she truly is an artist when it comes to framing and when you work this hard on a piece you want it to shine!!!

Yesterday, I had to undergo an MRI for my spondylolisthesis and then see my doctor.  Getting older definitely isn't for sissies!!!  Anyhoo...when you are slid into the tube you have this ball hooked to an alarm that you can squeeze if there is an emergency.  As I was moved into the tube I could tell the ball disconnected from the alarm system which meant I was on my own.  You feel like you are in one of those tubes they shoot into space and the noise...well, my ears are still ringing.  You CANNOT move because the imagine will be blurry.  No scratching, sneezing, coughing...no MOVING.  Of course when they tell you that there can be no moving all you can think of is that itch on the end of your nose...or...what if you need to cough???  You know how I kept myself still...I went through my Sue Spargo stitch book in my brain deciding what stitches I was going to use on my flowers!!!  See, stitching does have medicinal purposes!

I hope your Tuesday is Terrific...I am heading to Woolies in Bend for some group stitching :)