Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Humpty Wednesday

If the first week of 2016 is any indication of what the year will be is going to be awesome!!  It has been totally relaxing.  Time spent reading and stitching...what could be better than that?!  One of the books I finished last week was The Forgotten Girls.  If you like the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I think you'll like this one.  I like reading books by authors from other countries.  Even fiction books based in another country gives you a feel for the cultural difference.  This is a murder mystery which takes place in Denmark. 

Yesterday I enjoyed a sweet sewing day with stitching friends.  I decided to work on my creation from a Sue Spargo/Tonye Belinda Phillips workshop I took in 2014???  I think it was 2014, lol.  Anyhoo it has been in a time warp, living on my design wall.  I realized that what was holding me up was trying to decide what stitches to use on the flowers.  Well...I have decided to embrace an entirely new approach...which is to stitch it up just like Sue Spargo!!! Duh!!!  The way Sue preps her projects is to stitch the motifs using matching wool thread with little stitches.  Once everything is stitched down...she moves on to using creative stitching to enhance the motifs.  I now understand why she does this...Not only does it anchor the motifs but when you are stitching them down you really start to get a feel of how you will help them evolve into beautiful designs.  I am now re-energized!  

The other exciting experience...and the reason why I love stitching with the ideas that are shared.  I was stumped by the inner green border...I tested a couple of ideas but nothing spoke to me.  Then one of my stitching friend suggested I stitch words in the green border!!! OMG...I am so excited about is exactly what is needed and I love quilts with words.   As I stitch the flowers I will be thinking about what text I want in the inner border.  Thank you Leslie!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and 
embrace your word for the year!