Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humpty Dumpty...Quilt Day

How Rude!!!  I was playing a game of Words with Friends on my phone with my girlfriend Colleen.  When I logged my move an advertisement came up for this on my phone!!!  First of all...Senior...really!!!???!!!  And, are they for real?  A Senior Fall Alert Help Button.  How is the beegeebee's did they find out I was a....

Fall Risk?
sometimes your photos come back to haunt you

Yesterday was a great day with the Woolies.  It was a loud lively group and I had some great laughs which is always good for the soul.  Most of us were working on projects that have been ongoing but there were a few new creations.  QuiltWorks was filled with new fabrics, class, I hope you enjoy the slide show :)  As for is Humpty Dumpty day of the week and I am going to quilt all day :) on a UFO!!!

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