Friday, January 22, 2016

Here is the Story....

 ...When you are a blog are not writing for a newspaper or magazine with a bazillion readers...nor is anyone paying you...all you are doing is fulfilling that need to connect and enjoy the process of writing.  It is a kinda of journal of one's life and everyone else's life in close orbit.  You never really know if anyone is really listening unless they leave a comment or write an email.  But then, a Sew 'n So sister arrives and says she brought you a present after reading a blog post!!!  Did I reveal anything about my underwear in a blog post??? Do I have a secret??? Is the other personality I consult before taking on Dear Jane projects named Victoria???

When I unpacked the bag there was a box called The Collection!  of Wool???

...and then when I started to pull the said The Underwear Collection and Kim said she read somewhere on the blog that I was laughing so hard I almost 
pee'd my pants... she brought me a Depends for any future times that I might be laughing so hard I need them...or, if I am on a plane...when ever I might be in need!!!  What this has taught me is friends have your back, someone is really reading the blog...and, I may have to filter what I write...NOT! LOL

Linda was so sweet to have made one of those bags with the clear window so you can see what's inside for both Robin and I for our travels in February!  

The fabric is perfect for girls on the go! Thank you Linda!

A little vignette of our Yoko Saito Blocks and a peek at Linda's quilts!  Remember it is UFO Friday!!!  I am pressing the fabric for my Primitive Gathering holiday quilt and hope to start making those half square triangles!  Have a wonderful weekend and see ya back here on Monday!

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