Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday??? No Way!!!

Some how every week there is a Friday!!!  Holy !@#$ Batman!  How does it happen?  As it turned out I didn't get out to Black Butte to visit the Fabric Stalkers yesterday.  Life happened and so today I am heading out there to see what the Stalkers are up too.  I'll share what they are up to on Monday :)

After errands I got home and fell asleep on the couch...sometimes the spirit needs a break, lol.  Once I woke up refreshed it was time to dig in the sewing room.  I had little piles of "to do's" on various surfaces in the sewing room but decided to prep block 3 of the Yoko Saito BOM.  I am trying to keep up on this one.  I use Soft Fuse with my wool projects.  With my "on the go" life style I always have a wool project to stitch in the car, plane, train or boat, LOL.  I do not want to lose any of the pieces which is why I fuse my pieces to the background.  Step one,  trace the motifs onto the Soft Fuse.

Then I iron the designs on the chosen wool colors using steam on both side.  Once cool I cut them all out saving the left over pieces of wool for future projects.  Once all the pieces are cut out I arrange them on the background.

When the pieces are all arranged on the background I steam it down from the front then flip it over and steam from the back.  With this method I have never lost a piece and then I can stitch on the go :)  But if something did start to lift up (which hasn't happened for me) Lisa from Primitive Gatherings say staple an errant piece is the perfect solution.

See you back here on Monday...have some fun news to share!