Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Word of the Year

Have you chosen your word for 2016?  Each year I like to chose a word to live by...a touch stone for the year. I encourage you to ponder what word you would want to embrace for an entire year.  My 2015 word was "Release"...and ya really was the word I needed to carry in my heart.  As the end of this year is upon us and I think of all the ups and downs of the past year...Release...really was the perfect word.  After much pondering about the changes around me I have decided my word for 2016 will be....


Kindness towards myself and doesn't mean I have to like everyone, LOL...or put up with mean/rude people...but, I think if I approach living with kindness maybe the world will feel it.

I wanted to show you the BOM that the Sew 'n So Sisters are working on for 2016.  I have already prepped the first 2 blocks!  

I also finished prepping all the blocks for My Sewing Room.  I am so happy to have this project ready to go...I have always loved this pattern and am looking forward to many relaxing times stitching.  

I am feeling quite smug...
having 12 projects large and small 
all prepped and ready for stitching :) As the year winds down think about choosing a word for 2016 and prepping ahead...I think you'll like it :)