Thursday, December 10, 2015

Give Away Day 8 & the Winner of Day 6!!!

Oh boy,  it is getting closer and closer to the Woolies 12 Days of Christmas Give Away Finale!  But first, the Day 6 Winner is....
email me your mailing address & congratulations!

The morning we were leaving to travel over the mountain to visit our grandsons my Horne Sewing Cabinet was delivered.  And,  by morning delivery I mean 6:30 AM!!!  The guys were incredible that hauled that 300lb sewing table up a double flight of stairs!  They unpacked it set it in a pre-designated location and off they went to deliver 2 more tables in Sisters.  I barely had a few moments to look at it before we were taking off...sigh...and, I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the motorized sewing machine lift to operate.  Right before leaving I called the company and said..."call me an aging quilter but I can't figure out how to get the lift to go down?!."  The result of this call...they forgot to include an important component of the motor...the PLUG!  Which means we are floating cold in the water of no sewing until it arrives by mail during the busiest mailing time of the year...sigh...I guess I'll get to start sewing in 2016!!!

Doesn't this book look awesome!  Donated by my friend and Fabric Stalker Jane this book is packed with awesome "Possibilities" which is who this book is, if you are interested in expanding your possibilities leave a comment on this blog post you are interested...and, you know the drill...if not read the requirements on previous posts :) You still have 24 hours to leave on comment on the Day 7 Give Away! so don't miss out :)

The Woolie 12 Days of Christmas celebration wouldn't be a celebration without just one Christmas Light Show!!!  Enjoy...and relax knowing that there are 
other passionate holiday people out there!