Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Give Away, Day 7 & Winner for Day 5!!

The Day 5 Winner is Quilting Babcia!!!  Send me your mailing address and you'll be sipping some coffee while  dreaming about quilts!

My Sisters Book Group (Bookie Babes) celebrated the final meeting of the year at Latigo an excellent restaurant in Sisters.  We discussed The Nightingale my favorite book for 2015 and we had a Santa exchange where each of us brought a favorite book.  Such an enjoyable evening...then Santa showed up!!! OMG, he knew who had been naughty and who had been nice...and when he saw me he said...that one has been naughty...opps...I've been caught!

I woke up yesterday morning to construction sounds.  Amazing how we can get a house built when there isn't a lot of space to park the  equipment trucks!!!  It is so good to see our little neighborhood grow...keeps the dust down when the wind howls off the mountains, lol.

I had to get my grandson fix and even though Portlandia was flooding...we couldn't risk missing out on the Christmas holiday with them.  This was the parking lot of my sons work!!!  All these paramedic were out helping people not knowing that their cars were getting totaled by the flood waters :(  Luckily for our son it was his day off.   They have set up a Go Fund Me for all the paramedics who cars were totalled.  What I did not know is that for the most part Insurance companies consider this an act of god and so the damage is not covered by Auto insurance. :( 

On with the Give Away!!!  Day 7's Give away is a great publication by Better Homes and Garden.  I love the quilt on the cover!!!  So, if you are interested and are a registered follower of the Woolie blog just leave a comment on this post and we'll see who the dog dish coughs up!  Don't forget you have 24 hours to leave a comment on the Day 6 Give Away!

Have a great Wednesday and enjoy the video...
boy, does this bring back memories!