Monday, December 14, 2015

Give Away Day 10 & the Winner of Day 8

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Weather wise we were all over the board...sun, rain, snow...with a nice dash of wind.  My former co-workers got together at the home of the gal who was the organizer and hostess of most of our work place parties.  I think things haven't been the same since she retired as no one seemed to have picked up the task of "party girl."  It was so nice to catch up, share our family stories, hear what was going on at the 'ol sweat shop.

On the way to the party I picked up a Fabric Stalker who also was a former co-worker which meant I got to check out her quilts!!!  I so love her approach to one genre...just makes what she likes!  I love this little wool piece which is the one and only wool piece she has ever made, lol.

This quilt is just stunning!

Yesterday I decided to start my holiday baking.  Can you see in the photo who was staring at me!?  Will she or won't she set of the alarm?!!!!  I enjoy holiday baking and choosing some old and new cookies recipes.

It is hard to believe...but we are on the downward seam of the Woolie Give Aways!!! Day 10 is sure to help decrease the stash!!!  If you are interested just leave a comment on this blog post, make sure you are a registered follower :) There is still 24 hours to get in on the Day 9 Give Away!!

The Day 8 Winner is Elaine!!!  Send me your mailing address :) 

For those of you who embrace the spiritual aspect of the holiday...
you are going to enjoy this video.