Thursday, December 24, 2015


The last couple of days has been an eye opener of blessings.  Yesterday in the middle of the night we lost power...and, that set the smoke alarms chirping...which not only stressed Enzo but kept us from getting any sleep.  The power finally came back on at 6 am...and all I could think about is those poor utility line men who were working out in the snowing, freezing night to get the power back up!!!  And then yesterday morning we lost a local Sisters resident in a head on accident on the icy roads.  In a small town like this when you lose someone you can almost feel the collective sadness.  This time of year we are more acutely affected by losses and all I can say is hug those around you. 

I am so excited about the new ideas I have for the EPIC 2016 year of stitching!!!  Like I said before I am prepping a project each day until the end of the year.  Prepping is a messy business so why not just prep several things at once.  And then, when you are feeling the urge to stitch there is something all ready to go! I think it will help with enjoying the process of creating.   Plus hanging out in my sewing room these days is even sweeter with the addition of my special Tweety pin cushion made by a dear friend.

One of the 2016 plans for the Woolies is to declare at least one UFO  you really want to complete during the year.  We will bring these projects to our 2nd meeting each month until they are completed.  I decided that my first UFO project that I want to work on is a Heart to Hand pattern called My Sewing Room.  I have already prepped the first 3 blocks and hope to have the rest prepped by the end of this year.  If you want to join us...start digging through your projects for the one you want to finish in 2016!

I am going to love hanging this one on my wall!

Have a wonderful Thursday, Christmas travels...and, take a moment to hug can change in the blink of an eye.