Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Acorn & Threads

The Northern and Western part of Oregon have been hard hit by weather this past few weeks.  Landslides, flooding and thousands of trees down.  Here is Central Oregon we have had only a few weather related events.  One of my favorite cross stitch shops is in the Portland area Acorn & Threads was flooded!!!

But, they are back up waiting for new carpet and right how everything is 20% off!!  so if you know what you are looking for give them a call!

They are so helpful...I had this sampler pattern bought by PDF from France 
and I just took it into them and they figured out what 
I needed cloth and thread wise!

I have been planning and plotting for 2016...
I have all kinds of proposals for you all....
but, I have already started with 
Woolie program #1. 


Between now and the end of the year I am going to try and prep a wool or embroidery project each day.  It doesn't have to be a big one...but, it does have to be a project that I have been wanting to make and already have either the pattern or kit.  I know that 2016 already looks to be a "year on the go" and if I have projects already prepped I can just throw them into the suitcase or bag and there won't be any excuse for not enjoying some stitching time.  And, that is another thing...I am no longer going to look at my projects as just a list of things to be completed...from now on I am going to look at them as an enjoyable ways to spend my time...enjoying the process.  So far, I have 6 projects prepped!!!

Stay tuned for more Woolie 2016 plans!!!  For now, enjoy the week...today I head to QuiltWorks for some girlfriend stitching time.  Have a great Tuesday!