Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Give Away! Day One!!

For those of you who have been following the Woolie Blog for over a year you know that I love the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away.  Not only do I post a Give Away but I share some of my favorite Christmas Videos.  Spirituality, Friendship and Laughter is what I want and love during the holidays.  As this is a personal blog not affiliated with any commercial enterprise I sponsor this Give Away for the shear fun and I will send the Give Away to anywhere on the globe...the only thing I ask is that you be a registered follower of the blog and if you are a "no reply" follower you must send me your contact info as I have no way of contacting you.  For those of you who have registered your email...I will email you are a winner and it will be your job to send me a mailing address.  Each Give Away will have 2 days for you to register a comment...then the 3rd day we'll see who the dog dish coughs up!

Day One Give Away!
Now, I know that all of us have a few Fat Quarters 
lying around and could use this book!!!

Last Saturday I made my contribution to Small Business Saturday...it was so fun to pick through the shops in Sisters...it is an adorable town to shop around.  By Sunday all the visitors were heading home and so HH and I thought we would go see Spectre.  It has gotten mixed reviews. But, for us it was exactly what we expected from a James Bond movie.  Action Packed and it answered some lingering questions about his past. 

We have been having single digit and -0 temperatures locally which has made driving a bit of a free for all.  The mountains have been spectacular and this has been the most beautiful Thanksgiving in a few years.  
The ski resorts are singing!!

I did spend Sunday putting out the Christmas decorations and I will make a little slide show later this week...we did have some drama but you know...life is to precious to waste it on drama!  I was very happy to put up my latest Christmas project that was finished just in time!

Have a get Tuesday...the 1st of December!!! and enjoy the video :) and don't forget to leave a comment here that you are interested in the Fat Quarter Book!