Friday, November 6, 2015

UFO Friday!!!! is UFO Friday and I finished a UFO.  This table runner was a trade I did with Fabric Stalker Julie several years ago and it has been languishing on my rack of unquilted quilts.  I pulled it off the rack and started quilting until I was done!!! And, now it is all ready to gift to my sister's DIL to use in her new home.  I will be heading down to San Francisco to visit a dear friend and then heading to Napa for some sister/family time.  Which means I will be taking a blog vacation.  I will meet you back here a week from today for UFO Friday! During this vacation I will be hanging out on Instagram and Facebook :)

This past week I made a stitching pillow.  I wasn't sure how beneficial the pillow was for hand stitching but the gals in the So 'n Sews swear by it...well, they were right.  All it took was 2- 16 inch squares and a bag of stuffing.  It really does support your arms, shoulders and keeps your neck a proper position.

I needed a project that would be easy to carry along in airports and decided the easiest would be a Sashiko Block from Making Waves.  
One block, one skein of thread...lets see how far I get?!

Today, I am grateful for all the wonderful quilters is the world.