Monday, November 2, 2015

Holy Moley...It's November!!! Time For A New Adventure

How was your Halloween Weekend?  Mine was interesting...first my sister wanted to learn how to make pillowcases!!! So we spent Halloween Day in my sewing perfect is that!!!  She made 2 for her grandsons and the Starwars themed fabric was purchased at BJ's Quilt Basket.  

I am not sure about your neck of the woods but ours a wild weather Halloween night!  There are a couple of lots in the neighborhood that have been excavated for new construction and the dust was like a dust storm!  A porta potty blew down the street!!! And, there were a couple of garbage cans flying around.  We had a total of 3 groups (9 kids) and they were all interesting...first came the sweet little girl, then a couple of brothers...after that a couple of older kids around 13 yrs old and one didn't even have a trick or treat bag...he just ate the candy he was handed, LOL...efficient little bugger!  And the last group...when I was dropping the candy in their baskets one of them had a GO PRO in his basket filming!  When I asked him if that was a GO PRO he sheepishly I gave him 3 candies, LOL.  One of the kids with him said they were keep track of which houses had the best candy for next year.  Have times changed or what!!!

I finished the Bali Bamboo Table runner from the class Em and I took together. I chose to "face" the table runner rather than add another element with the binding.  I knew that it would be a gift for somebody...but, who???  Then I saw a secret message in the fabric!!!

Can you see the message???

Here is a close up of the message..."Love - Emily".  How amazing is I am quilting along and I find this message.  I don't know about you but I pay attention to stuff like this and so I finished it up and passed it on to my DIL :)

Are you ready for a new adventure???  A quilting adventure???  No pressure, no hardcore rules...just encouragement in a positive way.  So, here's the deal...I am always frustrated with my holiday projects.  When ever Christmas comes around I don't have any of my Christmas projects finished...when Valentines Day comes it is too late to think about Valentine Projects.  The goal for some of my friends and I is to start early.  If you are game here is the only rule...Identify a Valentine's Day project you have wanted to get done and start working on it this month!  Next month I will encourage you to pick a new project for the next holiday.  Also, I have proclaimed for myself UFO Fridays.  That means every Friday I will either stitch on a UFO or look at my UFOs...I need to stay acquainted with them :)  So, are you in???

Have a great Monday!