Thursday, October 15, 2015

How Are You Out There???

I had one of those nights where you are comfortably sleeping away and then at 3:30 you wake up to go to the restroom and the 'ol brain kicks in...with questions, worries, what ifs, how comes...!@#$ I tried to suppress the conversation but the voices were really insistent that if I got up and started sewing I might discover all the answers to my questions, LOL.  At 4:30 HH came up to the sewing room and asked what was going on?  When I asked him if he wanted to hear the list, he said sure :)  I rattled my list off of things I had to do, questions I needed answered and worries I needed solutions for.  By 6:30 all my worries were solved.  Not sure what I would do without HH.  

This day, week, month I am on the hunt to find my about you?

It was a  lively group at Woolies filled with Laughter...
life and quilting is always so much more enjoyable when you laugh, LOL.  
Check out the projects everyone was working on. 
Have a great Thursday! 

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