Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are You A Farm Girl???

Have you seen the Farm Girl Quilts on Pinterest
they are adorable and tempting...
I never really checked the book out until 
Tamra from the Stitchin' Post brought in her latest project 
which was right out of this fabulous book!!!

One of the great features of this book is that it is already spiral bound!!!  For books that have a lot of blocks and instruction having it already spiral bound is a bonus.  I take my well used quilt and cookbooks to XPress for spiral binding at only $5 a book!!! Which makes the books easy to use...I am a better quilter and cook because of XPress! LOL

The first quilt Tamra showed us was an adorable mug rug for her daughter.  The book is filled with blocks that can be made 6 or 12 inches.  The bonus of these projects is Tamra made it totally out of her scrap bag!!!

She loved this block so much that she also made a table runner!!!  How cute is that!!!  Yep, I think shop owners need to take notice...all they need to increase sales is have their employees walk around with a new project they created...3 books sold to Jelly Roll Zinger participants...including me :)

Today is a home day...sigh...I love when a home day arrives!  I really want to finish my Bali Bamboo Runner and show you the secret message that I found in the fabric :)  Have a wonderful Thursday...I hope it includes some stitching.