Thursday, September 10, 2015


I had to laugh when I checked in on the blog and yesterdays post title included an "announcement"...which never showed up in the blog post, LOL...brain fart.  Anyhoo...I am back on Facebook!  I am a little nervous about it.  But, am going to connect my Instagram posts to provide an alternative to the blog.  I will be posting more photos...which I love to  a share.  So, please follow my Instagram or Facebook as an alternative to the blog.

I did a little Fall decorating this week.  One of my favorite pieces is shared blocks with the Fabric Stalkers.  I cherish the memories of this time period because as you all know Quilt Groups wax and wane and during this period of the Fabric Stalkers there were members who have since moved on...I chose Fall blocks.

It was my very FIRST introduction to wool.  A former member Carol King stitched this sweet Fall leaves block.  I had never seen wool but she loved working in this medium.  This was back in the 90's and it would be over a decade before I dove heart first into the world of quilting wool.

I received this photo of another Fabric Stalker who is floating on a Barge and biking in Holland with her daughter...what a dream trip!!!  Leave it to her to find a sewing a windmill!  We miss you Cakers!

Today, I plan to continue to stitch on my Evelyn's Album..stitch by stitch I am seeing the end of this project...Have a great day!