Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Quilter's Life

As I experience quilting through my DIL's eyes I am again reminded that the quilting life is all about sharing!  Sharing of time, experience and fabric.  I don't know how many times I have seen quilters share with a friend a piece of much needed fabric to finish a project...or make a quilt for a new baby, wedding, illness...The Quilting Life is about sharing and giving and that is what makes it such a beautiful existence.

Here is Em quilting her first quilt!!!...on my new machine!  I invested in a new Janome and so far our relationship (me and the machine) is filled with love, lol.

...and she has already pieced her second quilt!  A warm flannel Christmas quilt!  

JanniLou Creations  was my second stop on the way to the coast.    Jan and Lou teach at the Quilter's Affair every summer and have been running the quilt shop in Philomath.  The shop occupies a former movie theater!  Enjoy the slide show and keep your eyes opened for what classes they will be teaching at the Sisters Quilters Affair 2016.  Enjoy the slideshow! 

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