Friday, September 4, 2015


 I don't know but when I saw this...I totally cracked up.  I think I might have felt like this at one time. But, since I have become the "Queen of UFO's" it seems I barely have a moment between projects, LOL.  My plan in the next few months is to focus on UFO's.  No new challenges...just challenging myself to finish those quilts that I loved enough to begin.

The core of quilting is not the is the sharing.  And yesterday I participated in a time honored tradition of passing on the love of quilting to my DIL.  She had set a task of creating a baby quilt for a friend.  Last week we talked the basics of quilting and the fabric choices.  Yesterday was cutting, introduction to the sewing machine and actual piecing.  I was surprised at the challenge of teaching a beginning quilt lesson...why you ask?...I realized that over time I have developed so many short cuts and leaps of faith in my quilting.  Remembering the correct way to quilt...well, it was difficult, LOL.  

Oh, and I found out AGAIN...that you are supposed to read all the instructions...which meant a lesson in the use of the seam ripper!  She was a real trooper.  And if you check out my Instagram you will see her in action :)

I am so proud of her!  She chose the fabric, cut out the pieces and sewed them together into an adorable baby quilt.  In a couple of day we move on to layering and quilting.  

Today I get to play with my sister and then off to QuiltWorks for the First Friday Gallery show.  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I'll see you back here on Tuesday!