Friday, August 28, 2015


The perfect goal for all of us!

This week I have been working away on my Evelyn's Album...but here is the deal.  When you start a project in 2012 and let it languish until 2015 you had better be sure you have enough fabric to complete the project.  Since I decreased the number of blocks by 3 and I am using those 3 in a separate project...I didn't have quite enough of the Moda Wool and Needle Barn Red Tweed.  I hate it when I am just short a little, I hit the Internet!  After a few starts and stops...cause you know they don't keep reprinting most fabrics I found some yardage at The Stitching Post...not the Stitchin' Post in Sisters but The Stitching (with a "g" at the end) Post in Indiana!

The 4 yards I ordered came in less than a week!  Accompanied by a little note card that I can use in a future letter and this lovely hand written thank you note!!!  Now, that is what I call great customer service!  I will definitely keep this shop on speed dial! LOL

Hope you have a lovely weekend and that there is time to take a stitch or 2 :)