Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shine! and Stitch!

I am thinking that we ALL can benefit by taking out our soul and shining it up a bit!  Having the confidence to let your soul shine can only benefit those around you who will feel the warmth of your shine :)

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Stitching has been on the slim side this week...not because I haven't had the desire...but, sometimes life just is wider and broader than the width of a thread!  Having both my son's in the same town at the same town and being able to have coffee with them...that trumps stitching.  Watching my grandson skateboard...trumps stitching.  Hanging with my sister and aunt...trumps stitching.  But, when you are a stitcher and you don't stitch for several days in a really feel the hole!

And so...I stayed up a little later last night so I could take a couple of stitches! Still trying to catch up on my Buttermilk Basin BOM mystery.

...and I am getting closer to finishing my Sue Spargo workshop.  I had hoped to finish it last month but so much trumped, I need to get it done! 

Today, I am hoping to go to Sew Many Quilts and stitch with Linda...sometimes it takes another stitcher to jump start ones stitching...are you ready to get back in the saddle with me?!