Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jibber Jabber + Ruth Ingham, Featured Quilter

I am heading to Portland with a couple of girlfriends and so was shopping BiMart for some last minute items I needed to take with me.  I was picking up some Gluten Free food items for my oldest son when I over heard an "elderly" couple talking to each other about about the Hostess snack cake display.  I say "elderly' because I would guess they were 15+years older than me and I qualify for the AARP discount.  The conversation as I passed went like this...the gentleman says, "Do you like these Hostess snack cakes?"  the lady says, "they aren't good for you!" As I moved down the isle I heard him say he liked the Twinkies...OK, so here it is...I spent most of my life struggling and paying attention to what is GOOD for what age do I have to be when I can say...screw it...I am having that piece of cake without automatically calculating in my brain how many years it is going to take off my life??!!  OK, that is my rant for today, LOL.

Did you see the Perseid Meteor Shower last night?  HH and I sat out for a little while.  Sisters is basked in the night lights to distract.  The only distraction was Enzo who couldn't figure out what we were doing sitting outside in the dark.  He kept going back and forth between me and HH needing a little reassurance.

I needed some handwork ready to take to Portland and since I am under a deadline pressure decided to get the binding attached to my 3,000 plus 1 inch square Woolie Non-Wool Challenge which will be part of the featured group exhibit on Sept. 4th at QuiltWorks in Bend.  I knew I was going to use a red binding and found the fabric in my stash...but, alas it was not washed.  I was really tempted to just skip that tempted...luckily I didn't because look what the dye catcher caught!  The piece on the left is what it looked like before washing and the 2 on the right...well, they did their job!

I was able to get it all attached and packed ready to head up to Quilt Knit Stitch which is one of the International Quilt Festival Shows.  I am also going to see Wicked!!!  I can't wait!  I so need this time with friends and since I have binding ready to tack down I know it is going to be a relaxing brain weekend with mindless stitching and great conversation.

Ruth Ingham was the Featured Quilter and I am telling you...she has set the bar way to high for me...I can't believe that as the September Featured Quilter I have to follow this a joke!!!  Yikes!  Ruth has been a prolific quilter in the Central Oregon area...has taught a ton of classes and has a knack for helping students step outside the box.  I hope you enjoy the slide show.  Don't forget it is Countdown for the Give Away.  Click on the link, leave a comment you are interested and please also "Join this Site" by clicking on the button above all those happy faces!

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