Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hump Day

A friend sent me this quote and isn't it the truth...where would we be without our girlfriends?!  I went to Woolies yesterday and had my well filled with laughter, conversation and stitching...a perfect afternoon.  Of course I needed it after going to Costco and dropping my entire box of shopping in the parking lot and breaking one of the jars of curry sauce...yep, I can honestly say Woolies is an emotional life saver!!

I have decided that every time I walk into a Quilt Shop I am going to photograph my very favorite fabric of the day!  This piece  took my breath away!  If you are interested in it contact QuiltWorks.  I can see it as a wonderful quilt, bag or knock out dress.  It blends from daylight to nightlight...yum!

I had to share some of Blogless Sandy's quilts...
I love the touch of blue in this quilt.

I especially loved this sweet little quilt...I love the pieced background and the little Summer label.

Well today HH and I get to have our health work ups for our insurance carrier...I can't wait...NOT!  But once done I am going to have the most amazing experience!!!  I will be teaching QUILTING class number one to my DIL...oh heard DIL wants to learn to quilt...I tell you life is full of surprises!