Friday, July 24, 2015

TULA, TGIF & The Give Away

It seems some weeks are packed to the brim with all manner of activity and emotions.  I wonder what makes some weeks more emotional than others.  Sometimes I think it would be nice if there was a emotional barometric report much like the weather report, the hay fever report...or the humidity level, LOL...then you can prepare for those times.

I finished a book this was ok...somewhat predictable and there were times I was just irritated with the characters.  But, in all fairness it was an easy read and a distraction.

One of my enjoyable moments was seeing The Minions with a friend.  Nothing like a good laugh.  So tell me...are you a Kevin, Bob or a Stewart?  I think I am a little bit of all of these guys and may be why I am hooked on them!

I got a bee in my quilting bonnet and decided to work on a project in memory of my mom.  She was a force to be reckoned with...I have been thinking of her a lot lately.  She was an immigrant,  loyal American, life long learner, the longest practicing Realtor in the State of California, traveled the world, spoke 4 languages, a sailor and at the time of her passing the Commodore of a Yacht Club...yep, a force.  I love knowing some of that genetic material is rolling around in my body :)  I decided to make a quilt that will make me think of her and loved the Anchor Mini by Lisa Bongean.  Over 200 3/4 inch squares and half square triangles...I love it!

Tula Pink was the featured quilter at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and on Save it for Sunday the girlfriends and I were lucky enough to be able to have lunch with her!

Cakers, me, Robin, Ruth and Lori

Before lunch we participated in the Save it for Sunday Walking Tour with Tula Pink at Five Pines followed by a lecture.  If you have the chance to attend the quilt show in upcoming years you have got to sign up for the Sunday event.  It is truly special...whoever the featured quilter is...their quilts are hung amongst the trees and the featured quilter walks along the path talking and sharing tidbits about each quilt...such a lovely time.  Enjoy the slide show and don't forget about the Give Away.

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