Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Quilt Show...Chapter 3!!!

What an experience I had on Wednesday!!!  Shelly Heesacker, producer of the The Quilt Show along with wonderful camera and sound guys followed me around shopping at The Stitchin' Post...can you imagine how easy that prep needed...just shop and talk fabric, LOL....why can't one of the networks have a reality show called Shopping with Woolie!!!  Afterwards they visited with me and my quilts at home!!!! The quilts were clean and ready but I was a little disappointed that they didn't bring a makeup or hair artist for me.  Although, I was reassured that they had a Pounds Off Filter on the camera.   Phewww!  

At one point in the filming I could hardly concentrate because as I was facing Shelly and being interviewed...I could see one of the landscapers (bucks) was chewing his way across the neighborhood.  After having lost all my Irises this week I almost jumped up and tore across the creek with vengeance in mind!  What stopped me...oh yeah,  I am on camera and the mic will pick up my cursing.  So what did I actually do..." oh look at the deer! aren't they adorable:)"

Whether it be quilting...or traveling...or meeting new is filled with adventures!  I have been blessed with a mindset that says YES...more than no.  And, because of that I have enjoyed some amazing experiences and met so many wonderful people.   I have found that the world is filled with more nice people than mean people and most of the nice people are quilters!!!

On Monday evening Jean and John host a dinner for all the Quilter's Affair instructors.  It is a wonderfully relaxing way to kick off the week.  Hope you recognize some of your favorite instructors :) and consider joining us next summer!

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