Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SnowMan Day

This quote really struck me today.  I think you can't make the most out of everyday unless you are accepting of the present place you are.  
Join me in being Happy :)

It was so wonderful being with the Woolies had been too long!!!  It seemed that Snowman was the motif of the there were several quilters stitching away on them, LOL...dreaming of winter??? NO WAY!  We still have a slice of summer left and then there is favorite season.  

Nancy is thinking of Halloween!

Lori is just about done with her wool creation and it is adorable!

Marilyn's life's work is to finish her Sue Spargo circles

Anne was working on her latest row project and I loved the raccoon!

Lori brought some show 'n tell...I still need to make this pillow...
it's on my project list. are more snow men...

...and the more there are the cuter they become!

...A whole bunch of snowmen from a BunnyHill quilt!

 I noticed that most of the group pinned their snowmen...
me, I fuse mine down before stitching!

Mary brought us back out of the snow with her wonderful 
2013 BOW from Primitive Gathering

Hope today includes a little shocked me to hear that Anne hadn't picked up a needle or thread in over a month!!!  I think I would need medication if that happened to me!!!