Friday, July 3, 2015

A Heads Up!

Well all you wonderful quilting friends out there I am going to be off line for the next week.  My whirlwind week starts today when I help Kathy who organizes Wish Upon A Card.  Today we set up the Quilter's Affair teacher's donated auction cards at the high school where the classes are taught.  They are stunning!!  On Monday and Tuesday I am taking a class with Angela Walters...then, Wednesday the producer & camera crew of the Alex Anderson and Ricky Timm's The Quilt Show is arriving at MY house...OMG, to film!!!  Who would have thunk it!!!  On Thursday and Friday I teach the Sit 'n Stitch...and Saturday is the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!!!  But, oh no...we still are not done because come Sunday there is Save it For Sunday with Tula Pink!  On top of that there is a special program each evening!  No way I could keep up on the blog this week...but come Monday,  July 13th I will be blogging ALL my activities.  In the meantime if you follow me on Instagram I will be posting photos throughout the week! And, on Monday the 13th we will start another GIVE AWAY donated by the local shops!!!

To wrap up this week I finished the latest JA Jance book and it was a page turner.  With 2 different mysteries going on with the characters intertwined.  It was especially interesting to me because HH and I drove by Colorado City on our camping trip to St. George last September...thank goodness I finished it before Quilt Show week or I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on my quilting! LOL

As for quilting...I did get the Huckleberry challenge from 101 Fabulous Small Quilt pieced...although I didn't get it quilted.  I have a nice pile of tops to be quilted come fall...are you a topper or do you quilt your creations before moving on to the next quilt?  I do wish I had gotten this one done because it would be so perfect for the 4th...dang!  Our challenge is taking the next couple of months maybe I can get caught up!

I am looking forward to sharing the activities with you but if you can't wait ,check me out on Instagram! Have a wonderful safe 4th of July!!!