Friday, June 26, 2015

TGIF...oh yeah & don't forget the Give Away!

I love this quote...I always say to myself...all you can count on is change.  But, I love the reminder to trust my feelings.  Life is filled with so many unpredictable moments and trusting yourself just gives you a boost.

I don't have any quilting to show you although I did get a lot done. But, it is all for a future show 'n tell.  I did finish the top for July's Huckleberry Stitches 101 Small Quilts Challenge but it will be a challenge to see if I get it quilted??? And I put together all my blocks for the Non-Woolie Woolie Challenge...3,000 little squares and am part way through finishing the border.  Loving the look of this quilt.  I have been busy with little volunteer jobs for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show...tick tock, tick tock :)

I have the most delightful book to share with you!  After finishing One Second After I really needed an uplifting, crazy funny...amazing character to make friends with and I found it in Alan.  This book is an international best seller by a Swedish author.  You not only are amazed by Alan's 100 years but the author takes you on a journey through some of history's momentous moments...say that fast 5 times, LOL.  They also have made it into a movie back in 2013...I am on the hunt for a copy!!!  This is definitely a 5 star recommendation...with that said, you do have to be the type of person who enjoys the quirky parts of life :)

We also are on the countdown for the Give Away just leave a comment on the link that you are interested in owning this book and it might just be yours!  Have a great weekend...supposed to hit the triple digits here!!! YIKES!