Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I received such a sweet surprise!  
First of all it came in a sweet stitched little bag...

...in the bag was the sweetest printed journal book of one woman's trip to the South of France! You can click on the photo to peek at the title :)

The book was filled with hand scripted descriptions of locations, food, drinks, garden...flowers and created visually with watercolor!!  The author is sharing her trip journal is a very sweet way!  

The journal is filled with possible quilt ideas!!!  Thank you my sweet friend for a wonderfully sweet journal!

 Take a look at this cute cabinet I picked up at a local craft store for 50% off!  I have to get some chalk and label my drawers....top drawer...wool packets...drawer #2 charm packs...and drawer #3 is empty!!!

Heading into Bend to stitch with the Woolie's...sounds like a perfect day to me!  Hope your day is equally perfect!