Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sisters is Hoppin' in 2015

Well, it has officially begun...the summer of fun in Sisters!!!  The town is filled with Cowboys and the 75th Anniversary of the Sisters Rodeo has be followed by the 40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and the 25th Anniversary of the Sisters Folk Festival.  So if you need to take a vacation put us on your list...and, if you already live around here it is going to be a wild ride this summer!

Woolies was satisfying, to kibitz with girlfriends, take a few stitches on my latest Sue Spargo projects and check out what everyone was working on :)

Isn't this the cutest little mat for summer!

...and Pat has already finished one for Christmas!

Mary finished her amazing wall hanging...just so you understand how amazing this is...those are 3 inch blocks!!!  
And, she hand quilted the entire quilt...truly wonderful!

Sandy was working on a Fall wall hanging...I love the color.

Anne is working away on a Primitive Gathering Quilt!

I can't wait to start this project...but Marilyn's is all stitched...
now to create the pillow :)

there were a few others working away....but, on projects you have already seen :)  I'll have some slide shows for you to wrap up the week!  Have a great is a "Me" day...wonder what I will do???