Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday There Was Madness

When people think of Oregon they think rain...rain and more rain...but in fact this Woolie lives in Central Oregon which is the high desert...yes, we do have rain but not as much as other parts of Oregon.  We have snow...we ski...we hike in the desert and we are covered in Pine Trees and Junipers.  What does this mean...lots and lots of Pollen!!!  And, this year for whatever reason has been the pollen year to beat all pollen years.  They look so beautiful under a microscope. 

The landscape is covered...I mean COVERED with pollen.  It is a waste of time to wash your car because as soon as you leave the car wash you will be covered in pollen again!  I couldn't take it anymore...every surface...both inanimate and animate is covered by pollen...I was going mad trying to keep it out of the house.  I woke up yesterday morning with a mission.  Get rid of as much pollen as possible in the house.  I spent all day...dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing dog beds (Enzo has 4) and dog washing (he wasn't too happy about all the activity).  Sure by tomorrow there will be more pollen in the house but at least for this moment I feel better :)  How is it in your neck of the woods???

Smilebox is finally working and so I am catching up on my photos.  Last week the East of the Cascade Quilt Guild had their gathering.  Before you take a gander at the slide show you have to see this quilt Sally made!!!  And that is her quilters helping her show it off :)  Last year Sally came to guild with 1 block and I fell hard...I needed to made this quilt.  And so, the Non-Wool Woolie Challenge was born.  3000 + 1 inch squares make up this amazing quilt!  Thanks Sally for the inspiration!!!  That is one of the best parts of a quilting community...we inspire, support and drive each other mad! LOL

And now for the guild slide show!  Susan and Janet shared their quilts and I went home with my heart filled!  Enjoy!

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