Monday, June 8, 2015

LOOKIE What I Did This Weekend!!

I had a small Welcome quilt hanging outside my front door.  The sun beat down on it so much it faded  and with the wind it never hung well.  So, I decided to hang a quilt block in it's place.  One of my neighbor a street over has a big one hanging on the side of her house...but, when I went online to find one the price was a little steep.  I decided to make my own :)  Not being very crafty I was stumped on what to make it out of...a piece of plywood??? Art canvas???  I figured the art canvas was too light to not be blown off in a stiff mountain wind.  I decided to use wood but lumberyards scare me...that is when I decided to look at the local craft store.  I was so happy when I found this wall art made out with strips of board and it was 50% off!!!

First step was to sand the original art to rough it up and paint over it with a base paint.  I gave it 3 coats.

I then got my quilt tools 24 inch ruler and my Around the Block book.

I chose the block Sarah's Choice and then 
divided up the board which was 
about 24 inches square using my 24 inch ruler.

 Using painter's masking tape to protect the base coat from the color I was ready to start painting.  I chose red and brown for my design.  The painters tape protected the base coast from the color.  I didn't worry to much about the red color overlapping in the center because the darker color would cover it.

I painted each triangle 3 times before moving on to the other.  After each coat of paint I carried it outside for a quick dry.  When I was done painting the outer half square triangles and they were dry I started taping the inside triangle.  I used acrylic paint and a 1 inch brush. 


Total cost of the project was about $28 dollars with my 50% off coupons for the artwork piece and 2 tubes of paint...I already had the base coat paint :) Now you can go out and make your own!!