Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whatcha Doing???

Most of the Woolie's were stitching away on long term projects but Nancy had a new flying squirrel wool mat that she created using a coloring page.  
Clever idea!  

...and, Anne was stitching away on the next block from the 
2011 Primitive gathering BOW

 It is hard to believe that our next meeting will be in June!  What the heck is going on???  Around here when June rolls around you can feel the excitement of the quilt show looming :)  When I look back on the first few months of this year I realize I have made great strides in my quest to live by my word.  Do you remember your word for 2015???  Mine was RELEASE...and I really feel like I made some strides in giving up all the MUSTS and SHOULDS.  How about you???

I finished another book...and the title is so perfect, lol.  If you have not read Freakanomics or Super Freakanomics than this book is a hoot.  If you have read the previous 2 books...this book might be a little bit of a rehash...but, it is still worth the read.  I kept stopping and saying to myself...REALLY???  

Today is a "Me" day...wonder what will unfold...I hope you have some "Me" moments for yourself :)  And I am curious...what does a "Me" day look like in your life?