Friday, May 15, 2015

TGIF...and I'm still standing

Well, I am still standing but the little minion gave us a run for our money :)  No wonder they say children are for the young!  Anyhoo, I thought I would wrap up the week with some Portlandia stories...As you know President Obama was visiting our fair city and attending a dinner just down the street from us.  I took a shower, fixed my hair...and waded through the throngs of protesters to make sure he could come over and talk to me.  But...guess what...all I got to see was 30+ motorcycle cops! They were impressive but still it wasn't Podus...and so, I decided to move him down to #6 on my speed dial!

It was gorgeous weather and we went out to enjoy it while it was here.  HH loves the sun!

We had done our Mother's Day celebrating all week so on the actual day we were doing laundry and packing up to head back over the mountain...but, not before we walked down and had breakfast at Cheryl's on 12th street.  Love those bengeits they give to each table :)  On the walk down an old street person said to me..."Happy Mother's Day Bro"  made us LOL

A final book review for the week...a thriller!  David Baldacci keeps you hooked from page one and the more you read the more you HAVE to keep going!!!  With all the plot twist and turns it is a great diversion from my standard fare!

Now, here is the final and most amazing story of the week.  Remember earlier this week I was trying to contact Sally who had sent me emails saying she mailed me something but didn't have my address and so sent it to the Stitchin' Post.  First, you have to know...she sent it in March!!!  I was beside myself because there wasn't a way for me to let her know that no one at the Stitchin' Post knew a thing about it...I felt horrible that she must think me an ungrateful blogger.  So, this week I posted her name on the blog hoping she was still reading to let her know that I was grateful for her thoughtfulness.  But, that I had not been able to intercept the package.  Then!!!  on Wednesday I was out to lunch with a friend when one of the coordinators of the East of the Cascade Guild saw me and said she had just left me a message!  She found an envelope in her box of mail.  She had been out of town and had just picked up the box, LOL...mystery solved!!!  And, look at what I got!!!  I am so excited about these cross stitch patterns.  Thank you so much Sally!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!  With my sis in town I doubt I will get much quilting done. But, I hope you do!  See ya back here on Monday!