Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Two Three...

It seems my days are filled and I am paying for it in a variety of ways.  A friend told me that I need to take one day a week just for me.  A "quiet" day.  Do you take a "quiet" day?  I was born in an Army hospital tent on a beach...so, noise and chaos has been part of my life from day one.  But, I am feeling the need to find some quiet moments.  Yesterday was not one of those days...Enzo needed to go to the Dog Doc in Bend and my car needed to be serviced.  This meant I needed to be in Bend all day.  I was able to drop into the Material Girls group for a while which is always a sweet time.

I dropped him off at 9:00 AM and was not able to pick him up until 3:00 PM which meant a lot of time to fill. After the car service I headed to the MG's. Then the Material Girls wrapped up their gathering at 2:00 PM...so, what to do for an hour.  I decided that I would check in with Sew Many Quilts.  Gail & Sharon had just returned from Quilt Market with lots of surprises for their customers.  They already had some new items and had already started rearranging the shop in anticipation of a whole lots of newness!

This is a project that a couple of friends are working on...and, one that I should be working on but I am just not ready too.  I love it!

This adorable quilt is from the 101 Small Quilts book!

 These are 3 reallllly cute pincushions!

Linda who teaches embroidery at the shop is a savant when it comes to stitching.

I have never found a Red Button pattern I didn't love! LOL

The shop really has some wonderful projects that just make me want to add to my already mile long list!

So...I am going to try to find a Quiet Day.....