Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Monday

Thank you to those who have served in the Armed Forces

Here in the US today is a national holiday.  We honor those we have lost in protecting the freedoms we cherish.  For the working populous it is also a day off.  The long weekend is traditionally the start of camping season around here and by the traffic coming over the mountain there are lots of people who are taking advantage of our great weather.  HH was out of town Saturday & Sunday so I was left to sewing and gardening...I got all my flower beds weeded and also was able to get a few plants in the ground.

I also got some reading in and wanted to share a great book!  Taking place in the 1920's this story is so engaging...the characters were interesting and because of that I wanted to find out how all their lives turned out.  You travel through time from the 1920's to the 1970's and are witness to the growth one woman goes through as society changes.  Well worth the read!

I found this video of Bridgetown as Portland is known...and it even includes the newest bridge that will be open any day!  

So what sewing did I get done?  I remembered that I had all the little blocks stitched for this project and decided to start putting it together so I can work on the border at Woolies tomorrow.  I love this little project!

I also sewed my 2 blocks for the East of the Cascade Quilt Guild block raffle this Wednesday.  Each meeting we are given a block or two to make and then a name is drawn out to get all of them!  These were so much fun to make I may just have to make myself a wall hanging!  Did you get to play in the sewing room???  

See ya back here tomorrow!