Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's All About the Tools

The truth is that when it comes to quilting...it is all about the tools.  Yes, you can't make a quilt without the fabric but you also need the tools and there are a whole bunch of tools!!!  I have at least 10+ different scissors...and, more rulers than I care to admit.  But...the other tool that borders on hoarding are needles.  I have so many packs of needles that I have a special little box just for my needles.  I have needles for every conceivable stitch I care to take, lol.  And now...I have found a whole new brand of needle that is making my fingers itch.  I first heard about the Tulip needles at Empty Spools and now the Stitchin Post is carrying the whole line of Tulip needles!  These needles which are made in Hiroshima Japan are incredible.  They are packaged in the most precious box and are color coded according to the type of needle you need...embroidery, sewing, applique, Milliner...Sashiko!!!

I was so excited to try the Sashiko needles.  The little glass tube came with different length of needles which are incredibly strong and don't bend...or get that curve in the shaft.  The point is sharp and I do believe it is going to make my Sashiko even prettier!!!

HH is back home...which meant that he and Enzo went out in the woods.  There was still some snow where they ended up and according to HH...Enzo was cutting cookies in the snow, lol.  Yep, he had a great time which resulted in a very quiet evening.

Heading to Woolies today and wanted to leave you with a thought....