Monday, May 11, 2015

Honey...I'm Home!!

Well, I obviously needed the break because the first weekend in Portland I slept most of the time!  I never take naps...I drove my parents crazy when I was little because I refused to take naps...not this time.  I seemed to have hit a wall.  My brain was working to hard on the changes in life and I just pooped out :)  So, what did I do when I finally woke up?  Did a little quilt shopping, read like crazy and finished 3 books (there will be lots of reviews this week) and started 2 others.  Went to listen to David Sedaris and literally laughed out loud!  Stitched 4 more blocks for my Primitive Gathering Christmas quilt...played with the kids...and, I got a Fitbit!  Which means I was walking up a storm and in Portland that isn't hard.  It may be a challenge in Sisters.   Because, in our little town you are only a few steps from everything.  

Mother's Day can be both a blessing and a challenge depending on how motherhood treated you.  For some it is a time to reflect on one's own mother which can be a blessing or not...or, depending on your relationship with your children it can be a happy day...or not.  What I know is a lot of mother's did the best they could and in a world filled with challenges it is always healthier to have empathy, forgiveness and love.  

I received this sweet coffee cup with some fresh ground coffee from my oldest sons family and boy did the car ride home smell great!  I couldn't believe this was like it was made for me!!!  

...and then I found out it was!!!  

My younger son and his wife brought me the most delicious dark chocolates made special...and of course, I don't have any to show you for obvious reasons...except for this last piece which I can't bring myself to eat!!!  Well....I might eat it when I feel the will be my emergency chocolate!

My first book review is a must read.  A 2015 Non Fiction Pulitizer Prize Nominee it is not a depressing book...even though it talks about extinction.  But, it is a book that every person should read.  Fascinating in it's fact and yet the author writes in a narritive style that keeps you going.  With that said...the first couple of chapters are a little slow but once you get into will be amazed.  This is the type of read where I am continually stopping and telling HH information :)

I am so ready to get back into the quilting about you?